Dear Professor Oak, 

I’m contacting you to inform you that after so many years, I have finally completed the pokédex. I’m sorry it took me so long. I… got a bit sidetracked here and there.

I think back to that day so long ago when you gave me my first Pokémon, my first partner in this journey, and I can’t help but recall with nostalgic glee the innocence that all of this was begun. It was just to help fulfill your dream and along the way I could fulfill my own – to travel across the land and sea and sky and become the best like no one ever was.

When I first stepped out into that tall grass, I had no idea what awaited me – the things I would see.

I have beheld the product of human presumption and science – a creature born from pain on an island of cinders.

I have battled those who would use these wonderful Pokémon merely as tools to commit acts of evil, caring not for their lives.

I have seen those who could not let go of the past… and those who thought their strength gave them the right to bully and do harm.

I have fought those who claimed to be working for a better world by destroying a part of it.

I have witnessed a madman try to reshape time and space in his own twisted image… and be punished for his arrogance.

I have clashed with the victim of a lifetime of lies who wanted nothing more than to help Pokémon… only to be betrayed by lesser men who wanted nothing but power.

I have been presented with those who claim superiority over others because of how they think and dress and conduct themselves; people who think they know who should be punished and who should be praised.

I have triumphed over the leaders of various fields. I have stood victorious over those considered elite. I have been in the presence of those worshipped as Gods… and those who just were bringing love.

And throughout all of that, your words and advice have echoed in the back of my mind, alongside people like my parents who trusted me at such a young age to embark upon this journey. You kept me from straying from the routes stretching before me as I met so many wonderful new friends and partners. So thank you, Professor Oak, for trusting me with this task so long ago.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


P.S. You may have noticed, but your grandson is kind of a jerk. Let him know he can call me whenever he needs a slice of humble pie.

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